The new Gunbot XT is Out !

Great news for all you Gunbot users out there !

Gunbot XT has been released .

All new strategies and toys have been added .

What's new in Gunbot XT Edition

How to first run your new GUNBOT XT

Watch the new GUNBOT XT in action

GUNBOT XT – LIVE in action .
Trading 68 coin-pairs on Poloniex and 100 coin-pairs on Bittrex.

Here's a quick overview of the most important changes introduced with Gunbot XT Edition (v6.0.1).

New official GUI

Gunbot XT Edition includes a fully new browser based GUI. You no longer need to edit any configuration file to use Gunbot.

New strategies

BB-RSI: Trade on combined BB and RSI indicators, making sure buy orders are only placed on oversold market conditions, and sell orders are only placed when the market is overbought.
TSSL: Introducing the concept of trailing stop - stop loss for buy and sell orders. Buy lower, sell higher! Maximize your gains by trailing price movements and only buy or sell when the trend has reached its tipping point.
The new strategies can be used as buying or selling strategy, Gunbot now has a total of 36 different trading strategies!

New exchange: Bitfinex

Gunbot now supports trading at Bitfinex. Contact your reseller for a licence.


Much improved indicator calculation: market info is now automatically pulled from Gunthy API when not available on the exchange, enabling fast and accurate calculation of indicators like Bollinger Bands.

Predictable pair cycling: Gunbot now cycles through your pairs in the same sequence as in your configuration. You can prioritize pairs by changing the order in your configuration.

New trend watcher for stepgain: Xtreme Trend Watcher does what it's supposed to do and is configurable by setting PERIOD and SMAPERIOD to your desired timeframe.

Configurable ratio for averaging down: with DOUBLE_UP_CAP you can set a ratio for each DOUBLE_UP buy order, compared to your current balance for your pair. Us this if you want to average down in a slower, more controlled way.

New configurable trades timeout: with TRADES_TIMEOUT you can define the minimum amount of time between trades for a pair, eliminating double buy orders during normal trading or fast consecutive buy orders when averaging down.